Open Enrollment 2024

5 things you should know about Open Enrollment

And how Fishing Partnership Navigators can make the process easier
It’s that time of year again – Open Enrollment begins November 1st and end January 23, 2024. Open Enrollment is the period of time when individuals and families can apply for health insurance, make changes to their existing applications, or shop for a new plan. Fishing Partnership Navigators are experts at helping fishing families and community members apply for health insurance, and we offer free assistance to any MA resident under the age of 65. Whether you’re a fisherman, shellfisherman, shoreside fishing industry worker, or resident of the state of Massachusetts, Fishing Partnership Navigators can assist you at no cost.



Here’s what to know about the process and some tips to make it easier along the way.

1. Fishing Partnership Navigators can help anyone in Massachusetts with health insurance enrollment.

Fishing Partnership Navigators are trained at the highest level through the Health Connector and MassHealth, and their expertise with working with commercial fishermen and predicting even the most uncertain income means our team is ready and willing to tackle any questions you may have during the application and enrollment process. If you’re under 65 and a resident of Massachusetts, or recently moved to Massachusetts, our team of Navigators can assist you. Our offices are conveniently located in New Bedford, Gloucester, Chatham and Plymouth, and if you live further from our locations, we can easily assist you over the phone or via a virtual appointment.

2. New in 2024: increased access to $0 deductible plans and lower premiums.

The ConnectorCare program is expanding in 2024, meaning more individuals and families across Massachusetts will have access to affordable health insurance, lower premiums, and $0 deductible plans. What does this mean for you? If you have not previously qualified for an affordable health insurance plan through the Health Connector, there may be more affordable options available to you. Individuals who earn up to $72,900 annually (or a family of 4 earning up to $150,000) are now eligible for lower premiums with the potential for more health plan options. Already enrolled in a Health Connector plan? You may be enrolled in a lower-cost plan for 2024, and Navigators can help you choose the most suitable health plan for you and your family.

Being in our line of work, you know the constant risk for injury is always present. Whether it be something as simple as a hard slip on deck, or adverse as an arm caught in the winch, an ER visit doesn’t come cheap and could take away an entire season’s earnings. Having insurance gives you the safety net you need to protect both your body and bank account.

Ben P.

Wellfleet, MA fisherman

3. MassHealth Renewals

FP Navigators can help you whether you’re on Health Connector or MassHealth coverage. If you have MassHealth coverage and receive a blue envelope at any point throughout the year, contact a Navigator to help update your information, renew your insurance, and explore your options.


4. Check your health plan benefits for additional benefits and perks.

Many health plans come with additional benefits that can help you and your family access services that you may need. For example, some plans cover fitness reimbursements, vision discounts, or virtual urgent care. An FP Navigator can review yourfull list of benefits and coverage, including additional offerings and how to use them. ConnectorCare plans in partnership with the Mass Cultural Council, provide discounted admissions to art and cultural institutions for their members. A complete list of participating institutions can be found at:

5.  Already covered? FP can renew your application and review any changes with you.

If you have insurance through the Health Connector, now is the time to review your information, make updates to income or other changes and pay your premium by December 23, 2023 to ensure coverage begins on January 1, 2024. Navigators are trained to review your application and make updates. After Open Enrollment ends on January 23, 2024, you may still be eligible to enroll in coverage – reach out to a Navigator anytime during the year to check your eligibility and options. Major life events that may allow you to enroll year-round include:

  • Birth/Adoption of a child
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • New Resident of Massachusetts
  • Loss of job-based coverage or COBRA
  • Turning 26 & no longer being eligible for a parent’s plan

Massachusetts maintains a mandate for all individuals to have health insurance.


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