Economic Security

Keeping your Family and Business Secure 

Better Lives for Fishing Families 

Improving the economic security of commercial fishermen and their families is central to our mission. Fishing Partnership offers financial planning workshops, live webinars on topics like unemployment and partners with organizations like the Massachusetts Fishing Partnership to assist active and retired fishermen and their families to live better, economically secure lives.

Economic Security Programs


Fishing Partnership partners with Certified Financial Planner Stephen Barkhuff of Financial Fundamentals to offer free financial planning seminars.  Separately, one-on-one consultation sessions can help provide financial education tailored to the unique needs of your family. Request a class or view our calendar to sign up for one of these popular workshops:

Budgeting 101

This starter course provides budgeting guidance where you will learn about:

  • How to create a budget
  • How to improve a budget
  • Planning for successful saving
  • Asset management

Managing Your Debt & Improving Your Credit

In this workshop you will learn how to manage your debt, improve your credit and adopt new skills in these areas:

  • Successful credit management
  • Strategic credit-building strategies
  • How to protect your identity
  • Debt management for credit cards, automobiles, student loans and boat loans.

Saving and Investing

A course delivering information and education on saving and investing. You will learn about:

  • Building a foundation through successful budgeting
  • Smart saving options
  • Why saving often leads to investing
  • Relationship between risk and return
  • Common investment products and their general risk/return profile
  • Benefits of investing early and regularly


Fishing Partnership hosts live webinars for fishermen to learn things like how to navigate federal loan applications, apply for unemployment insurance and learn about new programs to market and sell their fish directly to consumers. Follow our calendar for upcoming webinars and visit our YouTube Channel playlist featuring recordings of past webinars. 


Commercial fishing is an integral part of our Massachusetts economy. COVID19 has led to dramatic shifts in the ways consumers are interacting with food systems. Throughout this period, Fishermen have continued to work hard to meet the challenges inherent in responding to the crisis.

At Fishing Partnership, we collaborate with a wide range of industry partners, including fishing industry stakeholders, focused on the helping fishermen emerge from the pandemic in ways that strengthen their economic security.

Supporting commercial fishermen and their families in coastal communities is central to our mission. In the months ahead, Fishing Partnership will continue to collaborate with our economic partners to ensure the viability of our local seafood industry and deliver programs that support all members of the local seafood workforce.

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What Fishermen Are Saying

  • In all respects, the Fishing Partnership has been there when I needed it. I hope it continues to assist fishing families for many years to come.

    Mary M., South Wellfleet

Health & Wellness 

We assist fishing families access health insurance, deliver health clinics dockside where fishermen live and work and also help fishermen and their families if they have experienced a loss or traumatic event.

Safety at Sea

New England is home to fisheries which are some of the deadliest in the world. Learn more about Fishing Partnership’s no-cost safety training for commercial fishermen, because the life you save could be your own.

Fishermen Need Help

Commercial fishermen are essential workers and heroes who risk their lives to feed us. The pandemic has threatened the collective livelihood of the 20,000 fishermen we serve. You can help local fishing families by answering the call. Make a donation to support Fishing Partnership programs and thank you.

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