Narcan Training for Fishermen

Watch Videos On Opioid Use Disorder & LEARN how to use Narcan


If you need immediate help for someone experiencing a opioid overdose, call 911 if on land or the Coast Guard if at sea.


In Part Two of our Narcan Education and Training video, Navigator and Recovery Coach, Deb Kelsey explains what Narcan is and how it safely restores breath to someone who has stopped breathing. You will learn the most common physical signs to look out for if you suspect someone has overdosed and Deb demonstrates how to administer Narcan to an unresponsive person. You’ll also learn where to get Narcan both in and outside the the state of Massachusetts.

Hear Why Fishermen are at Greater Risk for Opioid Use Disorder

Fishermen and fishing industry workers face rates of opioid overdose death that are five times higher than other Massachusetts workers because of the elevated rates of injury they suffer which leads to their use of pain medications. This places them at the center of the national opioid epidemic. In Part One of our Narcan Education and Training video, Rob Jardin talks about overcoming stigma and the leading risk factors for opioid use disorder.


Are you a member of the fishing industry or shoreline worker who thinks you or someone you know is at risk for opioid use disorder? Fishing Partnership Recovery Coaches are trained to listen and help. Contact one of our trained professional recovery coaches and they will follow up within 24 hours to arrange a private phone call or secure video chat. All support is free of charge.


Are you a captain or crewmember interested in preparedness and want to request Narcan training for your boat or place of work? Complete the Request Services form and check the box Narcan Training. If you are a member of the fishing community and want to request Narcan, you can do so on this same form by checking the box Request Narcan. 


To learn more about Narcan services, to connect with a recovery coach or to get assistance with a wide range of other services including enrolling for health insurance, contact a Fishing Partnership office closest to you. Our interactive map provides quick finder buttons to reach Navigators in our Gloucester, Plymouth, New Bedford and Chatham port offices.