Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Financial Assistance for Advanced Safety Training

About the Fund

Established in 2020 by Hercules SLR and Fishing Partnership Support Services
to honor the life and legacy of lead Safety Instructor Edward “Ted” Williams,
the Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to commercial
fishermen to take Coast Guard approved training programs that improve
their safety and professional maritime skills.

Ted’s Legacy of Safety

Commercial Fishing tops the list of deadly professions. No one understood this better than Ted Williams. Following maritime disasters in 2004 that took the lives of 10 New Bedford commercial fishermen, Ted and others helped create a safety and survival training program. Through the years, Ted was beloved by commercial fishermen to whom he imparted life-saving knowledge and skills. His instruction reached thousands of commercial fishermen from Maine to New Jersey over 15 years. The Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund honors Ted’s legacy for safety at sea.

Ted’s Legacy


“I was a commercial fisherman for 47 years. Ted and I tied our boats at the same dock where everyone knew him as the safety man. Following a series of accidents where 26 fishermen were lost within a year, Ted and I secured funding to start the Northeast’s first safety training program. Ted’s life’s work contributed to a major change in fishing industry culture and resulted in a shift from long held attitudes like, “grab the anchor, end it fast” to understanding what to do when faced with an emergency at sea. His loss is deeply felt but his legacy lives on as the next generation of fishermen now have access to the safety training they need and deserve.”

Rodney Avila

Rodney Avila

Retired Fisherman & Safety Instructor

“My father cared deeply for the maritime industry and dedicated his life to helping commercial fishermen stay safe at sea. The Ted Williams Fund shows that something bright and positive can come out of a terrible loss. He would be so proud to know that his values for the safety and protection of commercial fishermen lives on. “

Ted Williams Memorial Fund

Anne Williams

Ted’s Daughter

“I recruited Ted to become a Safety Instructor for Hercules SLR in 2004. He was more than a respected colleague, he was also a good friend. For more than 15 years I watched Ted teach the highest standards for safety at sea to hundreds of thankful commercial fishermen.  He was special for the way he connected to fishermen from all walks of life. He would do anything to help a fisherman in need. The Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund is a fitting tribute to the legacy of a great man who dedicated his life to the safety and well being of commercial fishermen.”

Ted Williams Memorial Fund

John Reardon

General Manager, Hercules SLR

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