Fishing Partnership Recovery Coaches

Narcan Training for Fishermen

Did you know that commercial fishermen and fishing industry workers are 5 times more likely to die of an opioid overdose than other Massachusetts workers? Fishing Partnership is committed to improving the health and wellness of fishermen and their families. In addition to the weekly peer to peer support group Oceans of Recovery, Fishing Partnership Navigators Deb Kelsey serves a professionally trained Recovery Coach dedicated to helping people with substance use disorder.


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Fishing Partnership Recovery Coach

“I became a Recovery Coach to help stop the stigma. During post overdose wellness visits I show that there are many pathways to recovery. In my 10 years as a Navigator, nothing makes me happier than helping fishermen connect to life saving programs and rediscover their health and well-being.”

Deb Kelsey
Fishing Partnership Recovery Coach & Navigator


Fishing Partnership Recovery Coaches

“Substance use disorder is not a moral failing but a treatable disease. You are not alone. I’ve worked in the fishing industry for 3 decades and as a Fishing Partnership Recovery Coach, I help those in my community find hope and a way forward.”

Rob Jardin

Fishing Partnership Recovery CoachesThe Narcan training videos were filmed in November 2020. The goal was to create simple messages to reach fishermen and fishing families in need of information about how to administer Narcan and how to get Narcan for a fishing vessel. The filming took place at the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, where Deb Kelsey serves as a board member. Videographer Michael Laramee of Vivineer Video Marketing created the Narcan training videos.

Why Life is Tougher for Fishermen

Commercial fishermen are first responders at sea and need access to Narcan training because they are much more likely to die from an opioid overdose than other workers. Why is that?

  • Fishermen have higher rates of illness and injury, which can lead to the use of pain medications.
  • Fishermen depend on forces outside of their control, such as the price of fuel and bait and unpredictable weather, to earn a living. This causes stress and makes fishermen likely to fish even when they are ill or injured.
  • Fishermen have a lot in common with other workers who share these characteristics, such as construction workers, loggers and home health workers. These workers are also at a greater risk of dying from an opioid overdose.

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