Chatham Dental Clinic, Chatham, MA

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Chatham Dental Clinic, Chatham, MA

Fishing Partnership Support Services has arranged for Visiting Dental Associates of MA to provide low-cost dental exams and cleanings to seafood industry workers and their families. Adults and children welcome!

Cleanings are $35.00 and X-rays $50.00.

Services are free for MassHealth members. Appointments last about 45-minutes.

Contact a Cape Cod Navigator at 774-840-9393 to book your appointment

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Are you or your spouse a fisherman? Do you come from a fishing family? Or, are you a shoreline worker that lives in a coastal community [that's anyone that has a job that supports fishermen getting their product to market and includes boat mechanics, fish cutters and lumpers to name a few]? We're here to help. Complete the Request for Services form and we'll answer your call.

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