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Commercial Fishing Library Collection

Thanks to the generous donation of Provincetown fisherman, Alex Brown, Fishing Partnership’s Chatham office now features a special library of commercial fishing books, some of which date back to 1880. This fulfills a unique niche by providing a diverse collection of non-fiction and fiction books within the distinctive category of commercial fishing. All are welcome to stop by the Chatham office to explore the library and imagine the emotions and circumstances of commercial fishermen and their families. Fishing Partnership is grateful for the generosity of Brown’s donation. The library will help increase understanding of commercial fishing practices, fishing industry culture and New England fishing communities. Inspired by Brown’s donation, Fishing Partnership will build this library over time. If you have books on the niche of commercial fishing you would like to donate to the library, please contact Navigator Julia Messersmith in Fishing Partnership’s Chatham office.

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About Fisherman Alex Brown

Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Alexander Brown had his first boat at 12 years old and started clamming and lobstering by age 14. Though his father did not want him to go fishing, he eventually relented on the condition that Alex first learn a different trade. He worked in several boatyards on the North Shore in season and bull-raked for clams in the winters. Over the years, he worked as a crew member on various small boats, on a haul seine crew, and moved to the Cape in 1980 to continue to work on the water. In 1989, he began a shellfish grant in Provincetown before being “talked into growing oysters” in 2004. He was the first person to raise, commercially harvest, and sell Provincetown oysters. Alex sold his ground fish permits in the mid-90’s and finally left the lobster business in 2018. He currently shellfishes and does outboard motor repair under his business name, Victory Fisheries, in Provincetown.

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

Commercial Fisherman Alex Brown (Left) at an annual Provincetown Blessing of the Fleet


“Fishing Partnership, especially the Chatham office and staff, have always been there when I have had a problem with something or even have just lent a sympathetic ear to listen. My donation to the Chatham office is my way of saying thank you. Hopefully, the library will inspire other people to become involved in our industry. I led a charmed and lucky life on and around the water and have lived to remember it. That’s what the library represents.”

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