Open Enrollment 2022

We Assist MA Residents with Health Insurance

Open Enrollment 2022 starts on 11.1.2021. Fishing Partnership has been helping fishermen and their families access affordable health insurance for over 20 years. Thanks to a grant with the Massachusetts Health Connector, we can now help anyone in MA enroll in health insurance! Sickness or injury can happen to anyone, and hospital bills alone could cost a year’s salary. Whether you’re a fisherman, shoreside fishing industry worker, or resident of the state of Massachusetts, Fishing Partnership Navigators can assist you at no cost. If you don’t have health insurance, contact a Navigator today or apply directly for health insurance with the Health Connector.


Massachusetts’ Open Enrollment Period runs from 11/1/21 – 1/23/22

“ I am a single parent of 3 children under 10 and live in MetroWest Boston. Our home is far from any coastal town. I was frustrated in my failed attempts to secure health insurance on my own. I learned about Fishing Partnership and how they can assist any Massachusetts resident enroll in a health care plan, even those who do not work in the fishing industry! Maria Carpenter, a Navigator from their Gloucester office, went above and beyond to help me complete the paperwork. I can’t thank Fishing Partnership enough for assisting Massachusetts residents enroll in health insurance.”

Jennifer Keif

Northborough, MA

Massachusetts maintains a mandate for all individuals to have health insurance. Unenrolled residents could pay a tax penalty. Don’t risk it, contact a Navigator and get covered today!

If You Already Have Insurance Through Health Connector

If you already have insurance through the Health Connector, you don’t need to reapply. But  it is important to review your application, update information and pay your premium by December 23, 2021 to ensure that coverage for you and your family begins on January 1, 2022.

Your Income May be Different Due to COVID-19, We Can Help

Our Navigators are trained to help you walk through how to report various sources of income and account for how your income may have fluctuated due to the pandemic. Thankfully, premiums may be lower than last year because of relief featured in the American Rescue Plan.  Don’t forget: each month, your premium must be paid by the 23rd to have coverage the following month.

If Your Income Varies For Any Reason, We Can Help

Navigators can help you understand your choices and provide guidance for selecting a health plan to keep you and your family healthy and working. For commercial fishermen and many MA residents that live in coastal communities, income is unpredictable and can vary. Our Navigators are trained to help you walk through different sources of income. We offer deep experience working with fishing families  and members of coastal communities to help them adjust their expected yearly income based on what they think they’ll earn over the course of the year. Should your income change later on in the year, we’ll help you update your information too!

Qualifying Events for Enrolling Outside of Open Enrollment

Many families can enroll outside of Open Enrollment, so don’t hesitate to contact us any time of year, especially if you’re experiencing a major life change, such as:

  • Birth/Adoption of a child
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • New Resident to Massachusetts
  • Loss of job-based coverage or COBRA
  • Turning 26 & no longer being eligible for a parent’s plan

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