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Safety and Survival Training

Fishermen are 37 times more likely to die on the job than policemen. And on top of that, New England’s waters are the most dangerous in the country. Safety and survival training is not something to ignore—it’s desperately needed and can truly be life-saving for everyone on your boat.

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“Great training for any serious fisherman. A ‘must do’!! Excellent staff! A++++”
– Brenainn Durkan

Fishing Partnership offers free Safety & Survival Training and gives you the chance to learn from the best. Coast Guard-Certified Fishing Vessel Safety Instructors conduct day-long training in these vital areas:

  • Man-Overboard Procedures
  • Fire Fighting & Emergency Communications
  • Flooding & Pump Operation
  • Flares & EPIRBs
  • Survival Suits
  • Life Raft Equipment
  • Helicopter Hoist Procedures
  • Basic First Aid

More than 2,500 fishermen have taken our safety and survival trainings and we’ve seen some surprising things happen during these sessions—participants discover that their survival suits leak, don’t fit them anymore, or completely fall apart in the water. It’s important to find out about these things before your life depends on them. You need to practice life-saving procedures so they become second nature during an emergency. And you can take the training more than once—you learn something new every time you come.

“The stuff we learned, it was the best thing. I tell people who haven’t been that the best thing you can do is go.”
– Scituate lobster boat captain

Fishing Partnership also sponsors Certified Drill Conductor courses to meet the Federal requirements of 46 CFR 28, and provides assistance with monthly drill requirements.

“Everybody should do safety drills on your boat just to keep the guys up. That’s why I do that safety class every year with my crew. Just to keep it fresh in their minds.”
– New Bedford boat captain

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