Financial Assistance for Professional Maritime Training

$300 Scholarships for Commercial Fishermen and their Families

Scholarship Fund Eligibility

Commercial Fishermen (majority of income is from commercial fishing, includes shell fishermen) who are at least 18 years old, and who reside in, or fish from boats homeported in any of the New England or Mid-Atlantic states (Maine to North Carolina) are eligible to apply for a Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is for funding to attend courses that support professional maritime and safety skill training. Also eligible are family members of the above Commercial Fishermen who are pursuing commercial fishing or maritime careers. Awards, not to exceed $300, are limited to one per person per year and are paid directly to the course provider.

  • Commercial Fisherman (includes Shell fisherman) or a family member of a commercial fisherman pursuing commercial fishing or a maritime career.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Resides in or fishes from boats homeported in any New England or Mid Atlantic State (Maine to North Carolina).
  • For courses that support professional maritime and safety skill training.
  • For future courses only. Not for courses already completed or currently enrolled.
  • Submit application three weeks in advance of the course start date.
  • Award is for the cost of the course up to a maximum of $300.
  • Award is limited to one per person per year.
  • Award is paid directly to the course provider.
Scholarship Application

Selection of Professional Maritime Training Facilities 

MA New England Maritime
MA Northeast Maritime Institute
ME Downeast Maritime
VA Downeast Maritime
NY The Nautical School
ME Atlantic Captains Academy
MA Massachusetts Maritime Academy  Center for Maritime and Professional Training
RI Narragansett Bay Maritime Training
VA Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy
VA Chesapeake Marine Training Institute
NC 3B’s Captains School
NY Captains School of Long Island, Inc
RI Confident Captain
NY Sea School/Staten Island Yacht Sales
NC World Wide Marine Training, LLC
NJ Captains License Class
VA National Seafares Academy
ME Center for Professional Development  

About the Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Ted Williams Fund

Ted’s Legacy of Safety

Established in 2020 by Hercules SLR and Fishing Partnership Support Services to honor the life and legacy of lead Safety Instructor Edward “Ted” Williams, the Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to commercial fishermen to take advanced maritime training classes that improve their safety and professional skills. Through his career, Ted taught thousands of commercial fishermen, who deeply respected his style of imparting life-saving knowledge and skills with a wry sense of humor. His instruction reached thousands of commercial fishermen from Maine to New Jersey over 15 years. The Ted Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund honors Ted’s legacy for safety at sea.

Apply for a Scholarship

Allow 3 Weeks for Processing 

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