COVID-19 Vaccinations

Make a Plan to Get Vaccinated

Through vaccination, we can end this pandemic together.

COVID-19 is frightening – especially for commercial fishermen who don’t receive paid sick time. The economic costs of catching the virus can be greater than the physical toll of becoming ill. Effective March 22nd, commercial fishermen became eligible to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Make a plan of action to protect yourself and your loved ones. Vaccines are safe and effective, free of cost regardless of your insurance status, and have been approved for emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA.


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COVID-19 Vaccinations

I got vaccinated because I care for my family, friends and fishing community at large. Every vaccination means we are one step closer to resuming a more normal life, one where we can gather without fear of spreading this terrible infection to others, a world where we can walk about freely again and even hug each other! We’re in this together, so please join me in getting vaccinated and let’s end this deadly pandemic.

Nina Groppo

Fishing Partnership Gloucester Navigator

Vaccination Resources

  • Under Massachusetts Guidelines, fishermen who live, work or study in Massachusetts are eligible to be vaccinated March 22, 2021 as part of Phase 2, Group 3. This group includes employees across the food, beverages, agriculture, consumer goods, retail and food service sectors.
  • If you’re wondering, “how do I prove I’m a fisherman?” you may not need to at many sites. If your vaccination site asks for proof of eligibility, you can complete this self-attestation form or show a copy of your pay stub.
If you don’t have Internet access or are struggling to make an appointment, call 2-1-1 for personal assistance.

Watch Fishing Partnership Navigators Talk About Their Vaccination Experiences

Fishing Partnership Navigators are multilingual frontline community health workers who are trusted members of the fishing community.

Hear their vaccination stories and contact a Fishing Partnership Navigator if you need assistance interpreting vaccination resources for you and your family.

Featured Navigator Videos
Maria Carpenter, Gloucester [English]
Deb Kelsey, New Bedford [English]
Jenny Amaral, New Bedford [Portuguese]
Lori Caron, Plymouth [English]

Coping with COVID-19 Vaccine Anxiety

It’s normal to feel anxious about COVID-19 vaccines. Here are some tips from Mental Health America:

Learn more. Fear is often based on the unknown, so think about what is worrying you and make sure you’re informed. These websites from the CDC and the state of Massachusetts contain a lot of valuable information about the vaccines.

Listen to officials you trust. Americans say they trust their personal physicians, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Food and Drug Administration regarding vaccine safety. Dr. Fauci and the FDA both stress that the vaccines are safe and effective. Contact your medical providers for their recommendations.

Consider the benefits versus the risks. Under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, the vaccines’ “known and potential benefits” were shown to outweigh the “known and potential risks.” The vaccine will help you develop immunity to the coronavirus so that your body is able to fight it, and it will help your community reach herd immunity.

Take care of yourself. If the anxiety around vaccination is causing you a lot of stress, it’s okay to give yourself some time and space. Also, don’t forget to engage in self-care and wellness activities. Mental Health America offers suggestions for dealing with COVID-19 vaccine anxiety.

Call a Navigator to be connected with our Partner, Riverside Trauma Center, a program of Riverside Community Care.

Check out this link from the CDC on managing stress:  

Reach out to MassSupport, a Crisis Counseling Program funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and Riverside Trauma Center.

Contact MassSupport by calling 888-215-4920 or email

If you’ve experienced COVID-related losses, specially trained volunteers at the Red Cross’s Virtual Family Assistance Center may be able to help.

COVID-19 Testing Resources

Why Get Tested for COVID-19

Find a COVID- 19 Test

Food Assistance Resources

Don’t Go Hungry

Learn more about applying for SNAP (food stamps), finding a local food bank, or accessing an emergency grocery card.

Learn more about: SNAP

Community food banks: Project Bread

We have a limited number of food cards: Contact a Navigator to request an emergency food card.

Food Assistance COVID-19

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