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Fishermen and their families face a unique set of challenges. And sometimes there’s just no substitute for having a knowledgeable and understanding person to turn to for advice and guidance. Someone to help with insurance questions, finding the right doctor, straightening out your finances—maybe even finding a place to live.

Our Fishing Partnership Navigators are here to help with all those problems and more. They are trained Community Health Workers and they understand the kinds of challenges you face because they come from fishing families themselves. And, they know what services are available to fishing families and how to connect you to those services.

Fishing Partnership Navigators are located in Gloucester, Plymouth, New Bedford, and Chatham, Massachusetts.

fishing family
Shannon and Morgan describe growing up in a fishing family




Angela Sanfilippo
tel: 978-282-4847

Angela comes from seven generations of fishermen. Her father was a fisherman and her husband, brother and son are active commercial fishermen. Angela deeply understands the fishing community and has been serving fishermen and their families since she was a little girl in Sicily. Angela speaks English, Italian and Sicilian dialect.
Angela talks about her fishing heritage

Maria Carpenter
tel: 978-282-4847

Maria joined Fishing Partnership in Fishing Partnership’s Gloucester office in 2019. She is the daughter of a fisherman and, having grown up in a fishing family, has a keen awareness of the struggles and worries that can be part of that world. She loves the community of Gloucester and helping people, and is dedicated to helping keep fishermen safe through assistance with health insurance, the trainings we offer and by working toward the fishing industry’s success. Maria is the mother of 2 children, speaks fluent Italian, and is also a Notary Public.

Nina Groppo
tel: 978-282-4847

Nina’s husband is a commercial fisherman and she has been a Navigator since 2007. Nina speaks both English and Italian, which often comes in handy, especially when trying to decipher Italian documents. Nina (or ‘Crocetta’ to her Italian friends) is also a certified Notary Public.
Nina talks about getting services from our Member Assistance Program


Lori Caron
tel: 781-635-0011

Having a commercial fisherman as a partner, Lori understands the unique challenges facing fishermen’s families. To Lori, being a Navigator is not just a job, it’s a way to connect with these families and contribute to the well-being of the community.
Lori describes how she fell in love with fishing

New Bedford

Debra Kelsey
tel: 508-884-6661

Deb is the partner of a fisherman and gets great satisfaction from being on a team that promotes the health and well-being of fishing families. Whether it’s finding health insurance for a family, making sense of a pile of paperwork or referring people to agencies that can help them make ends meet—you can count on Deb.
Deb talks about bringing health services to the harbor

Jenny Amaral
tel: 508-991-3043

Jenny knows the fishing industry very well through her former husband (who passed on a fishing trip), father, brothers, and now partner. She knows the struggles that come with the fishing industry and is passionate about helping fishermen and their families, whether it be with health insurance or any other support services they might need. Jenny is fluent in Portuguese.


Morgan Eldredge
tel: 508-237-9402

Morgan is the daughter of a fisherman and her mother is not only also a fisherman, she was one of the Fishing Partnership’s original Navigators. Prior to becoming a Navigator, Morgan was a co-founder and advocate for a consumer direct market for local and sustainable fish on Cape Cod. She is clearly carrying on the family tradition of providing support and resources to the fishing community.

Morgan describes a young couple discovering all the resources we offer

Shannon Eldredge
tel: 508-237-9402

Shannon is a commercial fisherman out of Stage Harbor, working with her partner, Russell Kingman. Shannon has been an advocate for workers in the fishing industry since 2002 and a board member of Women of Fishing Families, a non-profit family resource organization, since 2007. She currently chairs the board of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, a community-based fisheries advocacy organization that promotes seafood justice in New England and beyond. Shannon’s personal and professional missions are one and the same: to promote the well-being and sustainability of fishing communities for captains, crew, families, shore-side businesses, and fish eaters all over the world!

In February 2018, she completed the Marine Safety Instructor Training with the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, and has been a Coast Guard-certified fishing vessel safety trainer with Fishing Partnership Support Services ever since.

Shannon praises the heroic work that fishermen do

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Main Office
30 Chestnut Avenue, Suite #2
Burlington MA 01803
tel: 617.928.3443
fax: 617.928.3445

[Serving the North Shore]
2 Blackburn Center
Gloucester, MA 01930
tel: 978.282.4847 or 1.888.282.8816 (toll-free)
fax: 978.282.4798

[Serving Boston & the South Shore]
139 Court Street, Unit 101A
Plymouth, MA 02360
tel: 781.635.0011
fax: 508.746.5401

New Bedford
[Serving the South Coast]
38 Bethel Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
tel: 508.991.3043
fax: 508.991.8158

[Serving the Cape & the Islands]
880 Main Street, Unit 2
at Munson Meeting Place
Chatham, MA 02633
tel: 508.237.9402
fax: 978.282.4798

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 784
Chatham, MA 02633