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In fishermen’s opioid fight, prevention of pain and injury holds a key

Scott Fulmer, a writer on the research staff at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, details the need for more attention to the labor of working people, like fishermen, and how their strenuous physical workload is affecting their lives and the health of their communities.

Read the full letter to the editor here.


Fishermen practice safety skills in Jonesport

The Ellsworth American reports on the safety and survival trainings we held in Jonesport in collaboration with Maine Lobstermen’s Association and highlights the hands-on experience fishermen receive during this free program.

Read the full article here.


Safety At Sea

Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in US. With about 26,000 jobs generated from fishing in Maine, it is vital that fishermen are trained in how to respond to crises while at sea. WLBZ 2 features our recent safety training in Jonesport, where fishermen had hands-on training on how to get onto life rafts while in survival suits and properly signal for help.

Watch the news feature here.


Fishermen get safety and survival training in Jonesport

Fox 22 in Bangor, Maine highlights our safety training in Jonesport that helped educate fishermen on how to survive accidents and emergencies at sea.

Watch the interview here.


Fishermen Suit up for Survival Training

WABI TV5 spotlights the importance for fishermen to take safety and survival trainings so they know how to react to dangerous situations at sea.

Watch the news feature here.


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