Questions about the new health insurance? We can help.

The Affordable Care Act is about to make health insurance fairer and more affordable than ever.

  • More financial help—could even be FREE
  • Every health plan will cover doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency room care, maternity care, and prescription drugs
  • You can’t be turned down because of pre-existing conditions

The deadline to sign up for a health plan is March 31st. If you have CommCare, you may need to act by Dec 15th to ensure coverage in January. Got questions? Need help?

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If you work in our local commercial fishing industry, at sea or on shore, you and your family are entitled to all the benefits of membership in the Fishing Partnership.

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Free services for fishing families.

Free services for fishing families.

The Fishing Partnership has been supporting the health and well-being of fishing families since 1997. We can help you:

  • Navigate the health care system
  • Find the right health plan
  • Attend Safety-At-Sea trainings
  • Access health screenings and special events
  • Seek professional advice on legal and financial matters
  • Get counseling—on family issues, depression, anxiety, grief, substance abuse

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